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Want A Martial Arts Program That'll Help Your Teen Gain Self-Defense Skills, Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline? 

Our teen martial arts program will help your teenager listen better, develop the discipline to excel in school, and find the motivation to be the leader in their life.

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Thousands of satisfied customers since 1984

Over 8,000 students trained
Over 7,500 graduated from high school
Over 2,725 graduated from college

We find that parents work too hard to get their teen to see the value of hard work and education.

But, it’s not just paying attention or listening that is the biggest issue. Getting them to understand that working hard toward a goal is the key to success. That education is the way to a better life. And, a good education opens many new opportunities and possibilities. 

They can have what we never even dreamed could be possible, but getting that message across takes a bit more than just encouragement. It takes having the right mentor, correct coaching, and a mission to teach leadership and character that actually works

Our teen martial arts program helps by consistently teaching the value of education and how to develop the skills to focus more, learn better, and to have the ambition to reach for higher standards.

Your teen will learn how to be a leader in their life, set out follow a path toward success, and reach further through confidence and competency. 

Here Are The Things We Do BEST In Our Teen Program

1. We teach self-defense skills that work against bullies or strangers.

Want your teen to have personal safety skills?
Are they being bullied?
Want to see them compete and WIN?

If any of this sounds like what you are looking to help your teenager gain, then I've got something important to share.

I'm a Marine veteran, so I take this part pretty seriously. We don't teach fluff. We don't teach skills that are only good for showing off. We teach skills that are going to work.

If your teen is attacked, they better know how to fight. That is what we teach in our program. They will learn how to fight, but know when it is the right thing to do. We teach self-control and safety to make sure they don't take it too far.

I'm not going to sugarcoat this. When it comes to dealing with bullies or strangers, they need to have the skills that actually work. They need the confidence they can actually neutralize or end the situation. That is what your teen is going to get. They are going to believe in their skills and how to use them properly.

Our training is challenging, but that helps them build their strength inside and outside.

2. We build confidence. With confidence anything is possible.

Is your teen shy?
Do they have a hard time trying new things?
Would you like to see them break out of their shell?

If any of this resonates with you, then let's talk about it a bit.

I bet you see something in your teen that they don't seem to believe is within them. That something is their 'magic.' We have a unique way that we approach teaching confidence and building a youth's self-image.

If you want to see your child beam with the light that burns inside them, then we have the system, the program, and the process to help them uncover this invisible force.

When your teen learns who they are, finds their voice, and believes they are capable of doing anything, they become unstoppable. They become more positive. They have a better attitude. They do better. And, they soar.

Success is our goal. We believe that success comes down to loving who you are, doing what you love, and following your dreams to reach your potential.

Whether your teen is 12 or 71, they are going to excel in our program.

3. Focus and concentration. They learn to pay attention longer and listen.

Does your teen seem to not listen?
Have you've been told they have ADD or ADHD?
Do they have a short attention span?

If you've been gifted with a child that needs a bit more help focusing than others, you have a unique young warrior.

Focus isn't just a problem that showed up in the last ten years. It has been something that teens have been dealing with since forever.

So, don't let anyone tell you that your teenager needs to take something to focus. The art of focusing is like any other skill. Your teen can learn how to focus and concentrate just like learning how to run or ride a bike.

We have the system and process in place to help your child learn the skill of focus. They will learn how to concentrate on the things they are doing for longer. And, they will strengthen their attention span to be able to listen longer without allowing distractions to rule their life.

It is a simple challenge for us to help your teen, but it won't be easy. It take patience and perseverance. We got that.

4. Building self-discipline. Helping your child learn to be the leader in their life.

Want to see them get chores done without reminding?
Need them to get their homework completed?
Want them to learn what self-discipline means?

This can be one of the most challenging traits you have to teach anyone, let alone a teenager.

But, we have terminology they learn about self-discipline. We teach your teen that discipline is "Doing what you have to do, not what you want to do."

That is one of the first things they learn in our Five Anchors and it is something they continue to build throughout their time training with us.

We teach them how to have discipline, where to use it, and when they should be using it. Whether that is at school or home, you'll see their self-discipline get stronger the longer they are with us.

Our structured classes, curriculum they learn, and our process to help them learn leadership develops your child into a champion in their own life.

They excel here, at home, in school, and everywhere else.

What Sets Us Apart and Makes Our Program Different ...

We teach self-defense skills, NOT just martial arts

I don’t know exactly what other martial arts schools do, but I can tell you that we don’t teach fluff or stuff that doesn't work in a high-stress encounter. We believe in teaching you skills that work in a real situation. You’ll learn how to neutralize the situation FAST by getting skills that are direct and simple to use.

We specialize in beginner classes

You don’t have to have any experience in martial arts or anything else. You don’t have to be in shape, you don’t have to be athletic, and you don’t have to be strong. Our classes are beginner friendly! No one is going to embarrass you or make fun of you being a beginner. 

Uniforms are NOT required To Train 

You don’t need a uniform and we don’t require uniforms for our teen classes. You don’t have to buy or have any equipment to try a class. All you have to do is wear some comfortable athletic clothes for class, show up, and enjoy the experience of learning how to defend yourself.

You won’t slow class down!

Again, our classes are designed for beginners. You will never slow class down or anyone else. Each new student gets to work with one of our ambassadors to get comfortable with the class. We want you to feel comfortable because we know how intimidating it is to step into a martial arts school and learn something new. It is challenging and we will help you overcome this challenge.

Teen girls excel here!

Teen girls excel in our classes and are trained just like all warriors. Being able to defend yourself is something more women have to worry about than men. That is why our classes are not just beginner-friendly but designed to work for women just as much as any student. We help you develop speed, power, and confidence in yourself and your skills. If you must use it, we want you to know you can get home safely.

You don’t have to be flexible

Being flexible is NOT a requirement to learn self-defense. Matter of fact, we don’t teach you to kick someone in the head in a street fight. And, there are very good reasons why you should avoid this, so you don’t have to worry about your flexibility. No one is going to embarrass you in class if you aren’t flexible. But, you will gain flexibility through these classes which we hope you will find beneficial.

Book a free class today, no obligation training session. Just click the button, fill out the form, and book online - no call needed.

We specialize in beginner classes for teenagers. We'd be happy to meet you in person.

Not ready to schedule a class, but want to find out if our program will be a good match for your family. Answer these 5 questions online and find out immediately - no contact info required.

3 Facts You Should Know About A Martial Arts School Before You Ever Enroll Your Teenager In A Program ...

Structured Classes

Developing any skill requires that there is some level of challenge associated to it. Growth happens when you are taken out of your comfort zone and placed in an environment where you have to figure out how to excel and succeed. That should be the #1 aspect required in a martial arts school before you enroll. At HOD, we believe in making each class a level of challenge to learn and grow from.

Professional Coaches

Schools and colleges make sure that teachers are specifically trained to work with students on skills and other characteristics. Therefore, the martial arts school that you considered should uphold those standards as well. We have a rigorous training schedule for our coaches to learn how to teach, coach, and instruct the skills of personal protection to any teenager…even if you have previous injuries.

Blueprint for Success

Again, just like our school system, there should be a path that you follow to develop the necessary proficiency and skill for your level. The martial arts school should have the same type of blueprint or map for you to follow and to develop accordingly. Here at HOD, we have a blueprint that is simple to follow from the beginner level all the way to black belt level. This helps you learn quicker and gain skills faster.

Book a free class today, no obligation training session. Just click the button, fill out the form, and book your class.

Your teen will excel in our program, they will develop self-defense skills that work, confidence to stand up for themselves, and better focus to listen and pay attention.

Here's what our clients say about us

Real reviews from some of our customers

Mr. & Mrs. Lopez - San Diego

"Our child has been a student at House of Discipline since he was 4 years old. HOD has done more than we expected in our son's life. He is more confident and responsible. The effects of martial arts goes beyond the studio. It is helping him at home, school, and we know it will help him in the future. We love watching him grow and be a role model for other kids."

Cambero's Family - San Diego

"House of Discipline has changed my child's life drastically; we have been part of this wonderful school for the last four years and I can say that both of our kids have grown not only physically but mentally! This is all thanks to Master De La Rosa's coaching technique, goal, and mission to provide morals, values, and discipline to our kids and help them be successful in life."

Hashmi Family - Lemon Grove

"Since coming to House of Discipline, our child has built their confidence and learned how to defend themselves against bullies. Our child has become a great leader and has learned so many great life skills from Mr. De La Rosa."

Some Additional Reason Our Self-Defense Program Works For Teens


Neutralizing the threat that is in front of you, should be as direct as from point A to point B. Learning skills or a "system" that take a less direct path to ending a situation is dangerous to your safety. That is why we teach you direct skills.


The more you complicate self-defense with styles, forms, or other stuff that dilutes training only leads to false confidence. If you are serious about learning self-defense skills, then you need to keep things simple! 


When solutions to violent problems, like being physically attacked, aren't effective in neutralizing the situation, the higher likelihood of it turning deadly. That is why we only focus on effective skills for the situation.

Our 4 Style Approach To Self-Defense Training

When it comes to learning self-defense, getting real skills matters. There isn’t one “style” of martial arts you need to know. You need to know how to fight standing or on the ground. You need to know how to defend someone who is trying to slam you on the floor, and you need to have the mental toughness to endure the rigors of this unpleasant experience. That is why we take a true 4 style mixed martial arts approach. Here’s what you learn and why.


Boxers have some of the BEST hand fighting skills. Their stand-up, footwork, and movement is the number one reason we use this style to teach stand-up skills that most people face in a self-defense situation: someone trying to punch you in the face. Learning how to defend against something like this and how to launch your own attack to neutralize the situation is critical to you ending the violent situation fast. This is a direct, simple, and effective fighting style. 

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do has some of the most superior kicking skills and footwork to match when it comes to kicking. There really isn’t much else out there that allows you to develop speed, power, and movement with kicking at the same time. Your ability to defend against kicks is vital in self-defense. People don’t just try to punch us in the nose, they fight dirty and also try to kick us low.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing

Here’s where you get to learn how to bring boxing, kicking, knees, and elbows together to learn The Art of Eight Limbs. We use Muay Thai and Kickboxing to teach power with fluidity. You’ll also learn one of the most important ranges of self-defense, clinch range. Don’t worry though, our classes are safety-focused, so you will get to learn real skills in a controlled environment.


Pankration is an ancient art that focuses on all ranges of fighting. You had to know how to stand and fight, and it was required that you know how to fight on the ground…as well as to get back up to your feet. This is the reality of self-defense; fights can go to the ground, but you better know how to get up because you can only fight one person down there. We focus on teaching take-down, grappling, and getting back to your feet skills.

Our NEW Location:

Book a free class today, no obligation training session. Just click the button, fill out the form, and book online.

We specialize in beginner classes for teenagers. We'd be happy to meet you in person.

Not ready to schedule a class, but want to find out if our program will be a good match for your family. Answer these 5 questions online and find out immediately - no contact info required.

Why Choose HOD

We've been in the community since 1984, but I know that just being somewhere doesn't entitle us to anything. 

We are a leader in developing students. We teach them how to have confidence, how to stand up for themselves, and how to focus on being a champion in life. 

I think you will be pleased to be part of the HOD family. 

We will give you a trial class for free and there are NO contracts.

Class Schedule

12-17 yr olds:

Monday - Thursday: 6:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.

Book your first free no obligation training session for your teen. Just click the button, fill out the form, and book without having to call.

Your teen doesn't need any gear or equipment to try class. We'd be happy to meet you in person.

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